It’s been a long hiatus, but the campaign is finally back! The format has changed, as have some of the players, but it should be fun. To the fans of the page who are following but not playing, thanks! I hope you enjoy watching the campaign unfold! It’s a shame my laziness won’t let me work on Adventure Logs.


One hundred and fifty years have passed since Rokugan was devastated by the forces of Fu Leng. The Emperor, Akodo V, has ruled for twenty-one years and with his rule he has brought prosperity and peace. The Emperor commands the armies of the Lion Clan and any who wage war risks its wrath. But old hostilities smolder and ambitious men plot. The forced peace can only last for so long… and the Shadowlands strengthens, forgotten by all but the Crab Clan.

This is an alternative history of Legend of the Five Rings. The year is 1271 and five Akodo Emperors have ruled since Toturi took the throne following the Second Day of Thunder. Following the example of Akodo III four wars have been fought against the Yobanjin as Rokugan has sought to expand during the prosperity brought by this new dynasty. The people of Rokugan are 150 years removed from the devastation of the Clan Wars and during this time they have rebuilt and replenished, but this has also caused them to forget again the threat that the Shadowlands presents. In the end it will be the actions of a select few that decides the fate of the Empire.

Age of Emperors

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