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  • Shosuro Oru

    *Spring, 1271:* [[:bayushi-tomodachi]] was informed by [[:bayushi-toshio]] that should he need to contact him he should do it through Oru. It seems that the Scorpion heir has placed some measure of trust in the large Shosuro.

  • Shosuro Meiko

    *Spring, 1271:* She went with [[:asahina-kazue]] and [[:isawa-okita]] to go shopping for the Crane contingent visiting the Imperial City. Its rumored that she is attempting to usurp Kazue's position as Okita's best friend.

  • Shosuro Miyu

    +*Anything underlined has been updated recently.*+ *Background* +She is from a family of actors, but when they found she had a knack for memorization and the sword she was pushed more toward a yojimbo role, and while she was initially saddened by her …