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  • Moto Kailun

    *Spring, 1271:* He was captured by the [[Koushoku Sanzoku]], who forced him to become their servant. *Kairun:* To save his family from his shame, Kailun adopted the persona of "Kairun" (that's how must pronounced his name anyway), the simple son of a …

  • Hida Buta

    *Spring, 1271:* He was brought to Crab lands by [[:isawa-hiraku]] and [[:hida-masaru]]. There he decided to attempt to join the Crab Clan through the Twenty Goblin Winter.

  • Ken no Yabun Sora

    *1267:* Ken no Yabun Sora founds the Koushoku Sanzoku (Yellow Bandits), their main operations take place in the unaligned woods between Crane and Lion lands. *1271, summer:* The Yellow Bandits captured [[:asahina-kazue]], Ide Saru, Togashi Fukuhan, …

  • Ono

    *Summer, 1271:* After his lord [[:ken-no-yabun-sora]]'s death he and [[:bisento]] attacked each other in an attempt to seize power. He was killed by [[:ide-saru]] and [[:togashi-fukuhan]].

  • Bisento

    *Summer, 1271:* Bisento and his men captured [[:asahina-kazue]], [[:ide-saru]], [[:togashi-fukuhan]], and [[:kitsuki-kogoro]] after a drawn out battle in the Imperial Woods. He was enraptured by Kazue's beauty and decided that she would be his bride. …

  • Tanto

    *Summer, 1271:* Egged on by [[:togashi-fukuhan]], he fought [[:bisento]] for the rights to marry [[:asahina-kazue]]. Bisento rather easily killed him.