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  • Daidoji Keizo

    *Spring, 1271:* Keizo became one of Kazue's closest confidants and was like a brother to her. After her sisters arrived in the Imperial City Keizo swore he would protect them as well. He was killed in the Imperial Woods when [[:matsu-shojiro]] attacked …

  • Daidoji Kaku

    *Spring 1271:* Shortly after arriving at Otosan Uchi he and his son were killed by [[:matsu-shojiro]] and twelve Matsu samurai in the Imperial Woods. Shojiro collected his head to present to [[:matsu-noriko]].

  • Daidoji Chuichi

    *Spring 1271:* After arriving at Otosan Uchi he and his father were killed at the hands of [[:matsu-shojiro]] and twelve armored Matsu in the Imperial Woods.