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  • Otosan Uchi

    The Imperial Capitol, it is home to Emperor [[:akodo-v]] and his royal court for half the year. A large part of the campaign has taken place here so far. *Components of Otosan Uchi:* [[Toshisoto]] [[Ekohikei]] [[The Forbidden City]]

  • Lonely Shore City

    "Mura Sabishii Toshi", this is an important city for Crane trading interest particularly with the Mantis Clan. Sadly it is rarely visited for non-commercial purposes. The group was held hostage her by [[:doji-baikoto]], governor of the city, so that …

  • Clear Water Village

    _Sunda Mizu Mura_, "Clear Water Village", is the largest and most important port city in Crab lands. Its run by the Yasuki who use it to control trade in the Earthquake Fish Bay. Even though its one of the largest trading centers in the Empire it has …