Tag: Kazue


  • Sculpture 1

    Made by [[:asahina-kazue]] at the request of the lonely governor, she was hoping ot have enough time to finish it while at the castle, but was unable to, she completed it on the boat to the Imperial city.

  • Sculpture 2

    [[:asahina-kazue]] created this sculpture at the request of the Ide in her group in order to aid in their request and his story they were bringing to the emperor. It was not completed in time to be given as a gift to him, but it was completed none the …

  • Sculpture 3

    Created by [[:asahina-kazue]] in return for a kimono Masaru gave to her. When Kazue completed it she sent it to Kyuden Hida to be delivered to the Hida woman she traveled with, since Masaru had left a few days before it was done.

  • Sculpture 4

    Made by [[:asahina-Kazue]] as a gift for Okita after she stunned Kazue with the most glorious present she had ever recieved, a studio. She knew the sculpture she created wasn't of equal value to Okita's gift, but she didn't think the value was what …

  • Sculpture 7

    Netsuki [[:asahina-kazue]] made for Ryosuke so that he would know she was thinking of him every time he looked at it, there was no glory in making this because she told no one of its existence other than Ryosuke.

  • Painting 2

    Made by Asahina Kazue, she hasn't named the model, but she knows that it is how she thought of her little sister [[:asahina-emi]], she will only reveal this information to [[otomo-ryosuke|Ryosuke]], [[:isawa-okita|Okita]], and [[:asahina-seka|Seka]], once …