Yoritomo Nobunaga


School: Asahina Shugenja
Rank: 1 Sex: Male
Born: 1249 Height:
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Honor: 2.2
Glory: 1.0
Status: 1.0
Air: 2; Awareness: 3 Earth: 3 Fire: 2 Water: 2 Void: 2
Advantages: Ally (Kakita Uso), Ally (Kage Yohachi), Darling of the Court (Kage, Ide), Inner Gift (Animal Ken), Sacred Weapon (Storm Kama)
Disadvantages: Phobia (Large Bodies of Water), Wrath of the Kami (Water)
Commerce 2 (Appraisal), Courtier 1, Defense 2, Etiquette 3, Intimidation 3, Sincerity 2, Animal Handling 1, Peasant Weapons 2
Allies: Kakita Uso, Kage Yohachi


Resting on the base of the mountain of misery and cruelty, Nobunaga is the best hope for his family.

But that is not saying much.

He is youngest of seven sons and thrust into the arms of an infirm father. He knows that if he would die, he would open the flood gates into Rokugan. His brothers would run free, each representing a more vile and terrible force of the sins.

His family once gave an oath to a powerful man that they would always keep a man on the mainland Rokugan; the world would need benevolence spread throughout and to show the might of the Mantis through everyday interaction. The Mantis ambiance should always be certain, or they would lose power.

The problem is the family has become vile, depraved and without balances. The islands of the Mantis allow pirates and smuggling rings, but hidden in the deepest alcoves are the foulest of hearts.

The eldest of his brother, Yoritomo Hitonomi, was born with the sin of desire in his heart. The eldest being the most desperate and most vile is a man of completely and absolute desire. His cruelty knows no bounds and some claim he has gained a desire for human flesh. His teeth, weakened from the water he drinks close to remote island home, are filed down into points. Most would consider him crazy, but people never question him personally. He is said to bite the noses of men who dare to oppose him. He thankfully has no desire to ever leave the island, his desires are solely within the Mantis.

The second eldest son, Yoritomo Kanpan, is a terrible man of fear. He fears everything and in the process alienates everyone. His desire to destroy anything he fears breaks the code of being a samurai. He is afraid he will break the code of the samurai, and being made ronin. If there was ever an assassin or a snake-in-the-grass, he would be the man. He never leaves the island because of the fear of the outside world. He is terrified of the day he will be called to do his family’s duty to show the might of the Mantis. He is probably wetting himself right now thinking about it.

The third eldest son, Yoritomo Kanraku, regrets ever being born, and is spiteful because of it. He desire to bring the world crashing down upon him. He regrets that he would never born first. He regrets not being born a higher nobility. Every samurai has regret, but only those who show it and act upon it are weakened. He has no qualms of showing his desire and spite.

((More on his brothers later))

Yoritomo Nobunaga

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