Usagi Ikaida

Emerald Champion and Hare Daimyo


The Emerald Champion and chief magistrate. When Ikaida entered the Test of the Emerald Champion in 1263 no one expected the young Hare daimyo to make it past the first round, let alone win it. He defeated both Moto Yisun and Bayushi Seihachi, whose age had caught up to him, to make it to the finals were he was slated to face Kakita Saito. Saito, however, was disqualified after he killed Mirumoto Daisu, the Mirumoto Daimyo, in the previous match. Ikaida became Emerald Champion in this controversial result.

Ikaida has taken his duties seriously, recognizing that he had to prove his worth to the Great Clans who doubted him. He believes that being from a Minor Clan allows him to carry out the Emperor’s justice in an impartial manner that the Great Clans could not avoid.

Born: 1238
Known Advantages:
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Spring, 1271:
He was granted the honor of leading the parade that greeted Doji Kozuo to the Forbidden City.

Usagi Ikaida

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