Togashi Denbe

Dragon Ambassador


A member of the Ise Zumi Tattooed Order. Denbe was sent as an ambassador to Otosan Uchi by Togashi Yomitsu for some unknown purpose. Denbe has never attended court, nor approached any other representatives with any deals or agreements. Few make appointments with him because it is difficult to predict where Denbe will be in any given day. He has been seen anywhere from the rooftops of the Miya Palace to inside a hedge bush to sitting in the water gardens… over the water.


Spring, 1271:
He visited Otomo Ryosuke and Asahina Kazue telling them a story about how the Emperor took Ryosuke’s mother, who was an Ise Zumi, as his concubine. He gave Ryosuke a tattoo of a ying-yang symbol on his chest, which swirls about.

He claimed that enlightenment can only be achieved by seagulls. No one in court has thus far been able to discern this statement and some, like Seppun Tamura has disregarded it as ‘nonsense muttered by an old man who pretends to be wise’.

Togashi Denbe

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