Seppun Katai


An Imperial guardsman whose dedication to his duty never wavers. He is as close as brothers to the Imperial bastard, Otomo Ryosuke, who always manages to get past Katai’s grim nature and make him laugh.


Spring, 1271:

He has helped Otomo Ryosuke and Asahina Kazue meet in private several times, at the cost of his own honor, and life if anyone found out. He has told Kazue that he and Ryosuke are sworn-brothers and he cannot deny his brother’s requests.

He was able to intercept a letter to the Emperor by Asahina Emi. The letter contained information about Kazue’s and Ryosuke’s affair and if delivered would have likely resulted in both of their deaths. Katai burned the letter and brought it to the attention of Kazue, both agreed that Ryosuke should not be made aware of it and that Kazue should deal with her sister, Emi, privately.

Seppun Katai

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