Otomo Ryosuke

Son of the Dragon


One of Akodo V’s bastard sons. Otomo Rei is his full sister. He dreams of seeing the world outside the Imperial Mound, but knows he never will. He is close friends with Seppun Katai and the two are like brothers. Lately he has been spending considerable amount of time with Asahina Kazue.

Born: 1252
Known Advantages:
Known Disadvantages: True Love (Asahina Kazue)


Two Souls:
Togashi Denbe visited Ryosuke and Asahina Kazue and gave Ryosuke a tattoo of yin-yang symbol that swirled around his chest. Denbe told them the story of Akodo V‘s promise to Togashi Yomitsu to protect the children of Ryosuke’s mother and to one day let them bear Yomitsu’s gift to them.

When Ryosuke asked Denbe why he gave him this tattoo in particular, Denbe claimed that it was because he contained two souls, and that his light bears darkness and his darkness bears light. Denbe left the two with no more explanations.

Spring, 1271:
Otomo Ryosuke meets Asahina Kazue, who he quickly likes after she shares stories from the outside world. He led her down to his mother’s tomb, hidden in the tunnels beneath the Imperial Palace. There he realized that he was in love with Kazue, but they overheard the plotting of two mysterious men. Ryosuke believes that the two should keep the information to themselves.

One night with the aid of Seppun Katai, his sworn brother, Ryosuke snuck out of the Imperial Mound to see Asahina Kazue saying that he would gladly risk death to spend a single night with the woman he loved. They snuck into Kazue’s studio and shared their love that night.

Otomo Ryosuke

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