Otomo Kenta

Imperial Bastard


The oldest of Akodo V‘s known bastards, Kenta was conceived when the Emperor was only sixteen years old. Kenta is the only of the bastards who has enjoyed the attention of his father. Before the Emperor’s four legitimate sons were born he used to treat him well and spend time with him. Since that time, however, Kenta has been pushed aside like the others, raised by concubines and eunuchs.


Spring, 1271:
Bayushi Tomodachi followed Kenta through the Toshisoto where he met with a gaijin to discuss the delivery of packages. Tomodachi assumed they meant gaijin powder. Kenta claimed that he was going to plot with the Ten Eunuchs to become Emperor and would make this gaijin a daimyo if he succeeded. Tomodachi delivered this information to Bayushi Toshio who found it quite interesting.

Otomo Kenta

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