Otomo Bunzo

The Otomo Heir


Son of Otomo Benkei. Bunzo is well-known to make trips into the Ekohekei and Toshisoto and frequents many of Otosan Uchi’s sake and geisha houses. His father does not approve of his antics and has cut his allowance to put a stop to it.


Spring, 1271:
Bunzo confronted Isawa Hiraku to get him to spend money on him. Hiraku agreed to take him to the Toshisoto where he could go to brothels and sake houses, but then ditched him there with no koku. Bunzo swore revenge against Hiraku.

He attempted to bribe, and then threaten, Bayushi Tomodachi into marrying Kitsu Takeko to his cousin, Otomo Bussho. Tomodachi refused and Bunzo told him that he would face the wrath of the Otomo family.

Otomo Bunzo

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