Akodo V, himself, referred to Munemitsu as the Tatsujin, the “Master”. Munemitsu has been proclaimed by some as the greatest artist who has ever lived, mastering sculpting, painting, and recently architecture. Though he is a ronin he carries a great amount of respect as the Emperor is his patron. Munemitsu has also been a great source of controversy, from his feuds with Kaiu Bunjiro, to his desire to sculpt a nude Amaterasu (which was quickly denied), and his disdainful interest in the human anatomy. He is a polarizing figure and most either love him or hate him.

Born: 1242
Advantages: Ally (Akodo V), Clear Thinker, Soul of Artistry (Artisan), Soul of Artistry (Craft)
Disadvantages: Brash, Overconfident, Sworn Enemy (Kaiu Bunjiro)


Spring, 1271:

He has spent the entirety of Spring continuing his work on marble statues of the Akodo Emperors that are to be placed in the Akodo Tomb. Munemitsu has had no where to place the finished statues as Kaiu Bunjiro has yet to even finish the base of the tomb, and Munemitsu has been vocal about his displeasure.


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