Moto Temur

Moto Hostage


The first son of Moto Qorin, Temur has been the hostage to Akodo V since Moto Qorin’s attempted war with the Lion. Temur is considered a brutish man with little manners. He does not like being the Emperor’s hostage, and does not feel the need to pretend otherwise.

Born: 1237
Died: 1271
Advantages: Bishamon’s Blessing, Hands of Stone, Quick Healer
Disadvantages: Moto Curse, Gaijin Name, Hostage (Akodo), Obtuse


Spring 1271:

He was tricked by Bayushi Toshio into spreading rumors about a love affair between Toshio and Doji Shiori. Shiori’s father, Doji Kozuo, called for justice and Akodo V was forced to allow Kakita Saito to duel Moto Temur.

Kakita Saito killed him in the duel before the Emperor’s court.

Moto Temur

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