Moto Qorin

The Moto Khan and Unicorn Champion


Moto Qorin is the Unicorn Champion and one of the most fearsome men in the Empire. He served in both Yobanjin Wars, but it is said that he and Akodo V hate each other. He tried to war against the Lion to seize control of the City of the Rich Frog, but the Emperor sent his legions to stop him. Seeing that he was outmatched, Qorin yielded and his eldest son Moto Temur was taken as the Emperor’s “guest” to make sure such a thing never happens again.

Qorin has many brothers and sisters, one of which is married to Hida Kurotsu, the Crab Champion. He also has many children, both legitimate and illegitimate who serve him faithfully.

Moto Bourtai
Moto Yisun
Hida Xiao-li

Hida Kurotsu

Moto Temur
Moto Targoutai
Moto Suren
Moto Shria
Moto Mukuli
Moto Jaran
Moto Jing-yi
Moto Yeran
Moto Mei-lin
Countless Illegitimate Children

Hida Ryozo
Hida Li-na
Hida Su-chen
Hida Tsuruki
Hida Soshu

Born: 1221
Known Advantages:
Known Disadvantages:


Moto Qorin

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