Moto Kailun

The Greatest Hero of Ever Who Has Done Everything Twice as Much as You.


The former “yojimbo” of Ide Iesu. He told wild stories of his many exploits, from saving Gaijin princesses to slaying the mightiest of Shadowlands beasts. Kailun left Iesu after they arrived at Otosan Uchi.


Spring, 1271:
He was captured by the Koushoku Sanzoku, who forced him to become their servant.

To save his family from his shame, Kailun adopted the persona of “Kairun” (that’s how must pronounced his name anyway), the simple son of a farmer who and current servant to the Yellow Bandits. Kairun has been deeply humbled and seems to be filled with self-loathing. His existence disgusted Ide Saru.

Summer, 1271:
He escaped from the Yellow Bandits following the death of Ken no Yabun Sora, and wishes to regain his honor as a Ronin.

Moto Kailun

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