Miya Utamura

Miya Heir


The Miya Heir, he is nearly sixty years old, but his father Miya Utazawa refuses to retire. Utamura is well known for his many interests. He is an avid hunter and frequents the Imperial woods. He is an excellent go and shogi player. He has studied astronomy and botany. Like his father he is sadly beginning to go blind.


Spring, 1271:
Bayushi Tomodachi was told to befriend Utamura by Bayushi Toshio for unknown reasons. Utamura has shared a great deal of his hobbies with Tomodachi. Utamura has an extensive library containing books and scrolls and many subjects and centuries, he claims to read four books a week.

Along with Bayushi Tomodachi, Utamura witnessed the Empress Akodo Kasumi meeting with her lover, who Utamura could not see, but Tomodachi told him it was Kakita Meiji.

Summer, 1271:

Being an honorable man Utamura felt it was his duty to inform the Emperor of his wife’s infidelity, and Kakita Meiji’s treason, even if such words cost him his own life. Before the entire Court Utamura accused the Empress and Meiji, when the Empress denied such claims Utamura offered to commit seppuku as a way to prove his words. Akodo V has allowed Utamura to do so, and ordered Kakita Meiji to be executed. The Empress committed jigai to cleanse her shame.

He asked Bayushi Tomodachi to serve as his second for his seppuku, Tomodachi accepted but while on his way there, he gave the honor up to Miya Utaemon.

Miya Utamura

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