The Imperial Concubine


Born a heimin, Mineko is widely regarded as the most beautiful woman in all the land. She was brought to Otosan Uchi by Bayushi Toshio who was her lover. The Emperor, Akodo V, succumbed to her charms, however, and took her as his concubine. He has since only had time for Mineko sending his wife, Akodo Kasumi, away to the Seppun Palace. The Emperor has allowed Mineko to enjoy all the luxuries and privileges of being Empress which has greatly angered the Phoenix representatives.

Akodo Kichiro – 1 years old

Born: 1249
Known Advantages: Dangerous Beauty, Sensation, Voice
Known Disadvantages: Vain


Summer, 1271:
Three weeks after the death of Empress Akodo Kasumi the Emperor announced his intentions of marrying Mineko, making her the new Empress of Rokugan. He also legitimized her son, Kichiro, who has changed his name from Otomo to Akodo. This announcement met with some protests, as Mineko is of hinin birth, particularly Miya Utazawa, however Akodo V refused to listen.


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