Matsu Shojiro

Matsu War Hero


Shojiro served honorably in the Fourth Yobanjin War and his late charge in one battle saved the flank and life of Akodo V. He was rewarded with an invitation to the court of Otosan Uchi. Shojiro is an arrogant man, one of battle and bloodshed, he believes that he can take what he wants with little repercussions… he saved the life of an Emperor after all!


Spring, 1271:

Shojiro represented Ikoma Shichirobei in a “friendly” duel with bokken against Ide Yorin. Shojiro beat Yorin down unmercifully, having to be pulled off of him to stop him from killing the Ide. Shojiro laughed about it later.

According to Isawa Okita, Shojiro would rape her friend, Kage Inoue, every night. She was 14 at the time. Kage Inoue married a Kakita lord to get away from Otosan Uchi.

Shojiro led the unit of Matsu that massacred a group of eight Crane who were enjoying a picnic outside the Imperial Woods. Bayushi Tomodachi was told to not get involved and Asahina Kazue was spared because of her friendship with Isawa Okita. He personally killed Daidoji Kaku as vengeance for Matsu Noriko’s cousin, Matsu Genichi, and collected his severed head.

When asked to testify for the massacre Shojiro was completely unrepentant and openly admitted to killing Daidoji Kaku and the other Cranes as well as parading Kaku’s severed head through the streets of Otosan Uchi, but said the attack came at the orders of Matsu Noriko. This has only furthered his reputation at court as a brutal killer.

He watched the duel between Moto Temur and Kakita Saito with the Lion contingent and seemed to be laughing at the obviously doomed Temur.

Summer, 1271:

He inadvertently saved Asahina Kazue from being raped, and possibly murdered by Kakita Saito. He reluctantly walked her home, and Kazue noticed a strong smell of sake on him.

Matsu Shojiro

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