The Riddle


Wandering ronin who has recently joined Isawa Hiraku and Hida Masaru. Koan is a well-muscled man in his mid-twenties. He carries a no-dachi with a pommel made of crystal, he calls it Oidasu, “Banish”. He is wary about traveling at night.

The name Koan, “Riddle”, is a common one among ronin. Its said there is always at least one Koan traveling the Empire.

True Identity:
It was revealed to Isawa Hiraku that Koan is actually Kitsu Honzo, true heir to the Kitsu family who mysteriously vanished a year ago. Koan is not talkative about his past.

Honzo no Oni:
In order to escape a false paradise created by a Forest Witch, Koan gave his true name to an oni, that would become Honzo no Oni.


Spring 1271:

Koan traveled with Isawa Hiraku, Hida Masaru, and Hiruma Kuma through the Shadowlands to track the Dark Moto. Their journey took them into the Shinomen Forest where he and Hiraku became trapped in a ‘False Paradise’ by a Forest Witch. The two were able to escape by making a deal with an Oni, Koan gave it his true name and Hiraku let it shape his destiny.


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