Kakita Saito

Kakita Daimyo


The daimyo of the Kakita and twin brother of Kakita Omitsu. Saito has a reputation based on skill, efficiency, and brutality. He has little skill with people, but makes up for it with his skill with the blade. It is said that Saito is only brought to the courts when Doji Kozuo must have someone killed. He has been married three times, each wife dieing of illness.


Spring, 1271:

He dueled Moto Temur for his Champion, Doji Kozuo, over Doji Shiori‘s honor. As expected Temur was easily killed as Saito cut open his stomach, some took note that Saito let his opponent’s agony carry on too long as his insides began to spill out and his screams could be heard throughout the crowd.

Summer, 1271:

A letter was sent to Asahina Kazue telling her to meet in the Water Gardens at night, she did so and waited at the appointed destination: a gazebo with only one exit. Saito met her there and blocked the entrance, Kazue noticed a knife in his hand and a madness in his eyes. He told her not to struggle as he attempted to rape her. Fortunately a drunken Matsu Shojiro overheard this and stopped Saito, who didn’t have enough room to draw his katana from within the gazebo.

He left Otosan Uchi to return to Kyuden Kakita.

Kakita Saito

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