Kakita Meiji


The Kakita duelist representing the Crane contingent at Otosan Uchi. Meiji is always laid back and polite to those he meets and is well regarded throughout court. Its rumored that he has been seen at the Seppun Palace late at night and many suspect that he has taken an Imperial lover.


Summer, 1271:
Miya Utamura accused him of having an affair with the Empress Akodo Kasumi in front of the Emperor and the Imperial Court. Meiji was asked to testify where he denied ever having met the Empress, but was unable to explain why he was seen sneaking about the Seppun Palace. The Emperor, convinced of Meiji’s guilt ordered that he be executed and his name and memory stricken from all records. He further more ordered that Meiji’s immediate family was to commit seppuku for their part in his shame and that his extended family lose their lands and titles.

He was executed in shame the next day, none speak of him.

Kakita Meiji

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