Kage Omezo

Kage Heir


The only son of Kage Hisanobu and heir to the Kage family. Omezo is a sickly child, frail and weak. Some think he will not survive into adulthood, but he is constantly attended to by doctors, shugenja and his mother’s, Kage Reina, prayers.

Born: 1264
Known Advantages:
Known Disadvantages: Bad Health


Spring, 1271:

Asahina Kazue and Otomo Ryosuke overheard two men who heavily implied that he was being poisoned in the tunnels beneath the Imperial Palace.

Kazue informed Doji Aritomo of the plot and though Aritomo was reluctant to call in so many favors he agreed to have Omezo relocated to the lands of the Asahina to be treated by their healers, and more importantly to get him away from whoever is poisoning him.

Kage Omezo

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