Kage Hisanobu

Kage Daimyo and Hero of the Empire


The Kage Daimyo and Right Hand of the Emperor. Hisanobu is also unofficially acting as Lion Champion and commands the Emperor’s army. No one has Akodo V‘s trust like Hisanobu, who was tied by blood when he married the Emperor’s sister, Kage Reina. Hisanobu grew up with Akodo V and Bayushi Seihachi, the three leading the armies during the Third Yobanjin War. Hisanobu also led an army during the disastrous Fourth Yobanjin War, but because of how over matched their armies were Hisanobu was not held accountable. He is a heroic figure and said to be the most honorable man in the Empire, after the Emperor, of course. Hisanobu is perhaps the closest thing to a living legend in Rokugan.

Born: 1224
Known Advantages: Paragon (Honor)
Known Disadvantages:


Kage Hisanobu

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