Isawa Okita

The Future Empress


Daughter of Isawa Okitsugu, the Master of the Void, and niece to Isawa Razan, Master of Earth. Okita is the only female Ishiken born of her generation and so it is all but official that she will one day marry Akodo Kyoichi and become Rokugan’s next Empress. This has made Okita very popular in court as everyone is trying to befriend the future Empress. The only people Okita has trusted however are Shiba Takimoto, her yojimbo, and Kage Inoue, who left court to marry a Crane. She has befriended Asahina Kazue and hopes that she can one day trust her too.

Born: 1254
Known Advantages: Benten’s Blessing, Ishiken-Do
Known Disadvantages:


Spring, 1271:
Okita became best friends with Asahina Kazue and has introduced Kazue to many other people of the court, including Otomo Ryosuke, Otomo Rei, Munemitsu, Seppun Katai, and even the Empress Akodo Kasumi.

She and Asahina Kazue went to the Temple of Amaterasu to speak with Moshi Tenpi. Okita was angered when Tenpi predicted that she would marry “a prince, but not the one you think or want.”

Summer, 1271:
Despite everyone’s expectations it was announced by the Emperor Akodo V that Matsu Nene would marry Akodo Kyoichi instead of Okita. Due to this and the shame and death of her idol, the Empress Akodo Kasumi, Okita turned to Asahina Kazue, the only person she could trust. She convinced Kazue to flee the city with the Phoenix, but when she was discovered Kazue was sent back to the Imperial City with Akodo Shou, who had also wished to join the Phoenix contingent.

Isawa Okita

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