Ide Yorin


The son of Ide Yorimitsu. He befriended Ide Iesu and told him of his love for Otaku Setsuko. Ikoma Shichirobei’s story of the Little Unicorn incited a sudden outburst from Yoin. As a result Yorin was forced to have a sparring match with Matsu Shojiro were he was beaten unmercifully.


Spring, 1271:

After recovering from his beating at the hands of Shojiro, Yorin learned that Bayushi Tomodachi had been getting friendly with Otaku Setsuko. Yorin told Tomodachi to stay away from her and when Tomodachi refused and instead insulted him by bringing up Ikoma Shichirobei, Yorin made Tomodachi his sworn enemy.

Summer, 1271:

Tomodachi was able to convince Akodo Hiroshi that it had been Ide Yorin who convinced Miya Utamura of the Empress’ affair. Yorin was later found drowned in the Imperial Water Gardens, but Tomodachi doubts Hiroshi’s involvment, but perhaps someone associated with him.

Ide Yorin

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