Hida Kurotsu


Champion of the Crab and Defender of the Empire. Kurotsu has spent the entirety of his life towards a single purpose, defeating the Shadowlands. He is a serious man who realizes that his duties leave little room for error.

Hida Xiao-li

Moto Qorin

Hida Ryozo
Hida Li-na
Hida Su-chen
Hida Tsuruki
Hida Soshu

Born: 1235
Advantages: Clear Thinker, Large, Magic Resistance, Paragon (Courage), Strength of the Earth
Disadvantages: Brash, Driven (Hold Off Shadowlands), True Love (Family)


Winter Court, 1270:

The Crab were attacked by a Shadowlands invasion led by the akutenshi, Doji Nashiko. Through Kurotsu’s leadership and the aid of an Asako Inquisitor and his companions the Crab were able to prevail. The Crab, however, suffered massive casualties and Kurotsu suspects that this is only the beginning.

Spring, 1271:

Hida Kurotsu called on the group to request aid from the Emperor. Kurotsu asks that the Emperor honor Akodo the First’s promise to send an Imperial Legion to the wall. The Emperor denied his request and Isawa Hiraku and Hida Masaru returned with the bad news. Kurotsu was furious and even talked of treason against the Emperor.

He sent Isawa Hiraku and Hida Masaru into the Shadowlands, accompanied by Hiruma Kuma and the Ronin, Koan, to track the Dark Moto.

Summer, 1271:

Isawa Hiraku returned with the information that the Dark Moto have found some kind of ally within Rokugan. He also told him of his strange dreams and the prophecies of the ghost in the forest. Kurotsu appeared to be troubled by all he heard and told Isawa Hiraku that he should return to the Phoenix and warn the Elemental Council, hoping that they could perhaps see the wisdom for preparing for the coming storm.

Hida Kurotsu

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