Doji Nashiko

The Demon Bride of Fu Leng


Nashiko was a courtier of the Crane Clan in the 5th century. She was plain featured, yet was a vain woman, who was infuriated with the Emerald Champion, Doji Komatsu, passed over her to marry a more beautiful woman. Nashiko sold her soul to Jigoku to become the most beautiful woman in Rokugan and then used her power to seduce and corrupt many of the most powerful Cranes, including Doji Komatsu, and starting a war that was eventually stricken from the Ikoma records. She became the Demon Bride of Fu Leng, and its said that she has produced several children by the Dark God.


Winter, 1270:
Nashiko disguised as the Phoenix maiden Asako Kuhime tricked the court of Kyuden Hida. She tainted Isawa Mutsuye, who then killed herself, and then married Hiruma Januku, the Hiruma Daimyo.

A massive attack on Kyuden Hida was launched by several Dark Moto while Nashiko wrecked havoc in the castle. After killing and torturing many members of the court she was eventually killed by the bravery of Bayushi Taisho who threw himself and her upon jade spikes. Her death caused the oni attacking the Wall to flee in terror.

Doji Nashiko

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