Doji Kozuo

Crane Champion


Champion of the Crane and Left Hand to the Emperor. Kozuo is a stern man who demands perfection from himself and those who serve him. He has managed to build up the Crane resources despite the Crane not possessing the political ties they once did.

Doji Aritomo

Doji Hokuro
Doji Gidayu
Doji Shiori

Born: 1229
Known Advantages:
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Spring, 1271:

He visited Otosan Uchi to speak with Akodo V. He challenged both Bayushi Toshio and Moto Temur to duels for the slander against his daughter, Doji Shiori. The Emperor only allowed him to duel Timur, and Kozuo named the Kakita Daimyo, Kakita Saito as his champion.

He represented the Crane in the dispute with the Matsu family following the massacre of eight Crane at the hands of Matsu Shojiro. He demanded that both Shojiro and Matsu Noriko, who ordered the attack be brought to justice. He was furious when the Emperor decided that it was a lawful blood feud between Matsu Noriko and Daidoji Kaku and that the matter was settled.

Asahina Kazue witnessed an argument between Kozuo and his brother, Doji Aritomo. Kozuo, still angry by the Emperor’s decision, said that he would rather the Crane die with their pride and live without it. Aritomo disagreed saying that pride could be regained by lives could not. Kozuo then informed Aritomo that he was leaving the following morning and that he had accomplished his agenda in the Imperial City, something that he refused to share with his brother.

He left Otosan Uchi soon after to return to Crane lands.

Doji Kozuo

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