Doji Hoitsu


A low-ranking Doji courtier who is betrothed to Miya Yahiko. Their marriage was arranged by Daidoji Fumimaru after he heard Miya Yohaku making jokes about his appearance. Hoitsu invited the group to a banquet to celebrate the engagement where Hoitsu’s arrogant nature managed to rub them all the wrong way.

Born: 1247
Known Advantages:
Known Disadvantages: Insensitive, Jealousy (Better Courtiers)


Spring, 1271:
Hoitsu threw a banquet in the Miya Guest Home to celebrate his betrothal to Miya Yahiko and his new status as Imperial. Among the guests were Asahina Kazue, Hida Masaru, Isawa Hiraku, Ide Iesu, and Yoritomo Nobunaga. The banquet met with hostility as most of the guests were put off by Hoitsu’s arrogant nature and the Unicorn were angered by Ikoma Shichirobei’s story of the Little Unicorn.

Summer, 1271:
The body of Miya Yahiko was found in the Imperial gardens with her throat slit. The Emerald Magistrates have ruled it a suicide that calls for no further investigating. The rumors of the court are that Doji Hoitsu is such a terrible man that she could not suffer a life with him so killed herself.

Hoitsu has immediately attempted to gain another Miya bride to replace Yahiko, but the Miya have refused. Miya Yohaku has kicked him out of the Miya Guest Home and back to the Crane Guest Home.

Doji Hoitsu

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