Doji Aritomo

Imperial Advisor of Politics


The Emperor’s political adviser and highest ranking Crane in Otosan Uchi. He is the younger brother of Doji Kozuo, the Crane Champion. Aritomo is considered the essential Crane, always saying the right things and looking the right way. He is the sensei of Doji Ginko.

Doji Kozuo

Doji Hokuro
Doji Shiori

Doji Ginko

Born: 1239
Known Advantages: Allies (Many), Benten’s Blessing, Paragon (Courtesy)
Known Disadvantages Epilepsy


Spring, 1271:
Aritomo, along with his old friend, Isawa Razan, arranged for Asahina Kazue and Isawa Okita to meet, hoping that Kazue could provide a true friend for the future Empress. Aritomo has been a source of information for Kazue and seems to be well informed on the going on of Otosan Uchi.

He was busy planning the Imperial parade and festivities for the Emperor’s greeting of the Crane Champion, and his brother, Doji Kozuo.

He helped Asahina Kazue and her sisters compose themselves following the slaughter of eight Cranes by the Matsu. He informed them that they would be asked to testify. After the Emperor decided to not punish the Matsu Aritomo attempted to calm his brother, Kozuo, down. Kozuo informed him that he had important plans in Otosan Uchi that he kept secret even from him. Doji Kozuo left with the majority of the Crane contingent the next day, Aritomo seemed relieved.

Doji Aritomo

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