Daidoji Keizo


Asahina Kazue‘s faithful yojimbo. Keizo is completely dedicated to his charge, but can be overprotective. He was gained for Kazue by her father Asahina Kotowa after the death of his daughter, Asahina Kochiyo. Keizo’s original charge died, but it is currently unknown how.

Born: 1243
Died: 1271
Known Advantages: Irreproachable, Wary
Known Disadvantages: Unlucky


Spring, 1271:
Keizo became one of Kazue’s closest confidants and was like a brother to her. After her sisters arrived in the Imperial City Keizo swore he would protect them as well. He was killed in the Imperial Woods when Matsu Shojiro attacked the Crane party, but he was able to buy time for Asahina Emi and Asahina Seka to reach safety.

Daidoji Keizo

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