Daidoji Fumimaru

The Imperial Matchmaker


The Imperial Matchmaker and perhaps the ugliest man in the Empire. Fumimaru is hunchbacked with a face that is twisted and uneven and a right leg that bends inward making his gait slow and unnerving. The Emperor thought it amusing to make such a man the Matchmaker since none would ever dream of marrying Fumimaru. Fumimaru has taken this insult in stride and used it as a chance to prove his worth. He shows little bias in his arrangements and genuinely tries to help everyone who comes to him. Despite his nature, his appearance still causes him to be despised and its rumored that his hideous stare brings gaki with it.

Born: 1238
Known Advantages:
Known Disadvantages: Bad Fortune (Disfigurement), Bad Reputation (Cursed) Disturbing Countenance, Lame, Small


Spring, 1271:

Fumimaru is aiding Bayushi Tomodachi in finding a suitable husband for Kitsu Takeko, who Tomodachi was charged with finding a marriage for.

He is helping Yasuki Noaki find a husband for Hida Masaru.

Daidoji Fumimaru

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