Current Head of the Yellow Bandits


A large man who was named after his signature weapon, the bisento. He was once third-in-command of the Koushoku Sanzoku, but after the deaths of Ken no Yabun Sora and Ono he has found himself as the leader of what remains of the Yellow Bandits.


Summer, 1271:
Bisento and his men captured Asahina Kazue, Content Not Found: ide-saru_, Content Not Found: togashi-fukuhan_, and Content Not Found: kitsuki-kogoro after a drawn out battle in the Imperial Woods.

He was enraptured by Kazue’s beauty and decided that she would be his bride. He petitioned his lord, Ken no Yabun Sora for permission but the fourth-in-command, Content Not Found: tanto, also claimed her. Egged on by Fukuhan, Bisento and Tanto did battle where Bisento decapitated Tanto and claimed his right to marry Kazue.

After the death of his Lord by Content Not Found: ide-saru, only Ono stood in Bisento’s way to claiming leadership of the Yellow Bandits. He ordered his men to attack and in the chaos Ide Saru and Togashi Fukuhan did his work for him by killing Ono. He quickly seized leadership on what remained.


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