Bayushi Toshio

The Scorpion Champion and Emperor's Nephew


The Bayushi heir and nephew to the Emperor. He grew up in the courts of Otosan Uchi and has become one of Akodo V’s five advisors, though no one knows what subject he advises on. Doji Aritomo once called Toshio the most dangerous man in the Empire. He is well known for his complete confidence and wide array of masks.

Bayushi Seihachi

Bayushi Reika (Deceased)

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Born: 1247
Known Advantages: Benten’s Blessing, Clear Thinker
Known Disadvantages:



Toshio brought the beautiful Mineko to the courts of Otosan Uchi as his lover. Though she is of heimen birth the Emperor quickly became enraptured by her beauty and took her as his concubine. Toshio is known for finding random beauties and taking them to court, but rumors say that he is still heartbroken over losing Mineko to his uncle as she was the only one worthy of his love.

Spring, 1271:

Toshio instructed Bayushi Tomodachi to befriend Miya Utamura for unknown reasons. Tomodachi was told that he can reach Toshio through Shosuro Oru who seems to have a close tie to Toshio.

A rumor spread around court that he deflowered Doji Shiori at last year’s Winter Court. Later it was discovered that the rumor was spread by Toshio himself and Moto Temur, heir to the Unicorn Clan. Its assumed that this was a ploy to have Temur challenged by Doji Kozuo to a duel, which is exactly what happened.

Asahina Kazue witnessed him flirting with Matsu Nene, daughter of Matsu Noriko.

He instructed Bayushi Tomodachi to take Miya Utamura to the gardens of the Seppun Palace under the full moon to see the Onnotangu’s Bloom, a flower that only blooms under Lord Moon’s full gaze. He admitted to having made up the flower as a ploy to get Utamura in the gardens and take advantage of his honorable status, high position, and most of all his near blindness. What Tomodachi would instead see in the gardens is the Empress, Akodo Kasumi, meeting her secret lover, who Utamura could not make out because of his bad eyesight. Toshio told Tomodachi to tell him it was Kakita Meiji, who has been seen sneaking off to the Seppun Palace before, and Tomodachi obeyed. Utamura has decided that his honor demands he bring this to Akodo V’s attention.

Summer, 1271:
Seeing that Tomodachi has served him as promised Toshio rewarded him with the position of Scorpion Ambassador to Otosan Uchi, a truly lofty position. He revealed that Bayushi Naisen had merely been a guise that he used to hold both of his positions, but seemingly hold only one. He has now “retired” Naisen so that he can spend more time with what he has called the second phase of his plans.

With the sudden death of his father, Bayushi Seihachi, Toshio has now become Scorpion Clan Champion and has left Otosan Uchi to lead his clan. He has given his old position as Imperial Advisor to Bayushi Tomodachi, though Tomodachi is wary of the title and his increasing debt to Toshio.

Bayushi Toshio

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