Bayushi Seihachi

Scorpion Champion and Master of Secrets


Bayushi Seihachi has been the Scorpion Champion for two decades and has been one of the most successful in the Scorpion’s long history. Seihachi grew up with Akodo V and Kage Hisanobu and the three became brothers when he and Hisanobu married the Emperor’s sisters. He is the father of Bayushi Toshio, his only child and heir.

Bayushi Reika (Deceased)

Bayushi Toshio

Bayushi Yasutaro

Akodo V
Akodo Kasumi
Akodo Fumitaka
Isawa Chiharu (Deceased)
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Bayushi Toju
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Born: 1225
Died: 1271
Known Advantages:
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Seihachi’s life has been marked by countless successes. He led one of the three armies in the massively successful Third Yobanjin War, he was regent for the Emperor during the Fourth Yobanjin War where he by all accounts was a success, keeping the Clans from warring against each other and the people fed and happy during a turbulent time. It was also Seihachi who discovered the Kolat and its plot to usurp the Emperor and he aided Hisanobu in the destruction of the Hidden Temple and Ox Clan. Seihachi is an acclaimed strategist, swordsman, politician, and lord. A living legend, Seihachi is one of the most respected and feared daimyo in Rokugan.

Summer, 1271:
Bayushi Seihachi succumbed to the plague that had been ravaging Scorpion Lands until the intervention of Yogo Sadaku. His death came as a shock to his old friend Akodo V, who locked himself up in his palace to mourn. He was succeeded by his son, Bayushi Toshio.

Bayushi Seihachi

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