Asahina Seka


Born: 1256
Known Advantages: Benten’s Blessing
Known Disadvantages: Idealistic


Asahina Kotowa

Asahina Kinuko

Asahina Kochiyo Deceased
Asahina Kazue
Asahina Emi

The little sister of Asahina Kazue who will pass her gempukku next year. Seka is the baby of the family and thanks to her beauty and charm has never lacked for attention. She was inspired when a Togashi monk visited them as children and told them that the way to enlightenment is to follow your own path, since that time Seka has challenged traditions when she disagreed with them. She has a kind-heart, but does not agree with the complete pacifism of her family thinking that there are times when one must fight back.

Spring, 1271:

Seka along with her sister, Asahina Emi, joined their older sister, Asahina Kazue in Otosan Uchi. Seka looks forward to making friends and learning new ideals in the Imperial City.

After the attack on the Crane party by Matsu Shojiro and the Lion she decided that she would learn how to defend herself. She joined a kenjutsu dojo in the Ekohikei taught by Mirumoto Sosuke.

Asahina Seka

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