Asahina Kazue

Shugenja Sculptor


School: Asahina Shugenja
Rank: 1 Sex: Female
Born: 1254 Height: 5’2"
Hair: White Eyes: Grey
Honor: 4.7
Glory: 2.8
Status: 1.3
Air: 3 Earth: 2 Fire: 3 Water: 2 Void: 2
Advantages: Benten’s Blessing, Clear Thinker, Irreproachable, Sage, Sensation, Voice
Disadvantages: Epilepsy, Haunted (Asahina Kochiyo), Soft-Hearted, True Love(Otomo Ryosuke), Dark Visions(15)
Artisan (Sculpture) 3, Calligraphy 1 (Cipher), Etiquette 3, Lore (Theology) 1, Meditation 1, Spellcraft 2, Courtier 2, Perform (Storytelling) 3, Sincerity 1, Investigation 1, Tea Ceremony 1, Horsemanship 1, Artisan (Painting) 1
Sense, Commune, Summon, By the Light of Lord Moon, Benten’s Touch, Path to Inner Peace, Reflections of Pan Ku, Soul of Stone, Call Upon the Wind
Allies: Hiruma Januku, Isawa Okita, Otomo Ryosuke, Daidoji Keizo (dead)


Kazue’s Story so Far

Anything underlined has been updated this past week.

Kazue dreams of being an Asahina fetish maker, she wishes to do this because in doing this she can protect more people and help her allies even when she isn’t around. She is often found in her studio working on another piece of art, when not working on sculpture she will sit for hours and listen to people talk so she can collect stories.

Kazue’s Family

Asahina Kotowa: Father: She thinks her father is a free spirit and loves him dearly, but he lets others know him too easily. She also feels she cant look to him because he tends to blow her problems out of proportion and make her feel worse.
Asahina Kinuko: Mother: She remembers her mother fondly, and Kazue learned the ways of court from her, when her mother began to become more religious Kazue sense their bond weakening and found that there was no one to comfort her when she needed it.
Asahina Kochiyo: Sister: deceased: The only person Kazue could go to for advise, she looked up to Kochiyo to fill the hole her mother opened up when she left for the temple; unfortunately Kazue got to see her sister about half the time, since Kochiyo always seemed to be going off somewhere to do something for their parents. Kochiyo now haunts her and Kazue thinks she is rather annoying.
Asahina Emi: deceased: Sister: She has always fought with Emi for the attentions of Kochiyo and she feels bad that she always got them, but Kazue always felt that she needed to have her questions answered first. Looking back now Kazue feels that she may have been wrong in her feelings because Emi never had the time with their mother that she did, but she doesn’t know how to apologize for that and so there are things left unsaid. She didn’t realize how much her sister disliked her until she visited Kazue in the imperial city. Emi’s dislike led to her to betray Kazue in a drastic way, and Kazue was deeply saddened by it. The things left unsaid will never be uttered it seems. Just when Kazue thought her and Emi could reconnect, her life was snatched away.
Asahina Seka: Sister: When Seka was born Kazue was old enough to look after her a bit, and tried to make sure she was taken care of, as Seka got older however Kazue felt she was getting a bit too rambunctious, but Seka wouldn’t listen to her advise about when and where she should place her opinions. Kazue feels Seka may have taken advantage of her kindness and used their father’s leniency against him to get her way too often. Its quite easy to be confrontational when you have a yojimbo to take your blows. Seka decided to be her own yojimbo and this makes her seem a bit less childish to Kazue. She isn’t sure why Seka wants to learn the sword, but she accepts this as her sister’s path, and will support her in it.

Player Characters

Bayushi Tomodachi: He seems friendly enough, but she has grown up with stories of scorpion betrayals and is not quick to trust him. Right now she is talking to him because she finds her yojimbo’s protectiveness amusing and reassuring. This man humored Emi’s flirting and was sympathetic when Kazue was left staring at the massacre scene, perhaps he is not such a bad person.
Hida Masaru: She doesn’t understand why Masaru doesn’t seem to like her, she had hoped to be friends with the only other female on this adventure. Since Masaru seems set in her hatred she gave up on being friends and instead hopes for just a bearable relationship.
Isawa Hiraku: He seems reserved, she wonders if he knew anything about her sister’s time with his brother that she doesn’t. She certain she knows things he does not, but he is still a wealth of knowledge on the Shadowlands, a topic she wishes to learn about simply because her sister enjoyed it so much.
Yoritomo Nobunaga: This man took Iesu for a ride costing him many favors along the way, she is a bit too craft for her to trust herself around. She wishes not for the same fate as Iesu and so she hides behind her fan and watches him carefully. He recently insulted a man she disliked and so she holds him in regard with less disdain.
Ide Saru: He seemed a bit surprised when he learned that she was of the Crane clan. He has been nothing but nice to her, a bit too nice sometimes, and while it throws her a bit off it is nice to know someone in the traveling party doesn’t hate her. He is a really bad actor.
Togashi Fukuhan: He seems distant, and crude. She is uncertain as to why he seems to dislike her so much, but they didn’t exactly meet under the best of circumstances so it isn’t all that surprising. This is the only person she has ever known that can breath fire. He will make and interesting story character.

Allies and Close NPCs

Daidoji Keizo: deceased: She thinks of him as a brother, and trusts him quite a bit. She find his protectiveness reassuring in a time that she knew few people and trusted far less. Recently killed in a Matsu raid on a Crane picnic, this has left a massive void in her heart, and left her unprotected.
Isawa Okita: She feels this woman is a little nieve but loves her for it, she feels as though Okita was the first real friend she made in Otosan Uchi, and she plans to use all the tools at her disposal to protect her from people that would make a pawn of her.
Otomo Ryosuke: She fears she may be in love with this man even though it is forbidden. Her feelings began developing ever since he showed her his mothers shrine, and are now held back by the horrible information they both overheard there. In one fell swoop he captured her heart and body. She doesn’t want to leave the imperial city for fear of being away from him.
Seppun Katai:Kazue likes Katai and feels like he likes her as well, though Ryoske’s recent actions may have made him like her a little less. She has noticed that no matter how stressed Ryoske is Katai always knows how to lighten the mood. She found that the two are sworn brothers and will do anything for each other, she feels great comfort in the fact that Ryoske has such a great friend.
Munemitsu: This is her new idol he seems to work a piece of stone that no other can, adn while she knows he is a bit controversial she would love to apprentice under him. She loves when he pops into her studio and gives her advise. She has noticed a bit of a twinkle in his eye when he looks at Rei.
Hiruma Januku: She hasn’t met this man, but she knows he is a friend of the family because her sister helped him out somehow. She believes that is her sister helped the man out he must be worthy.

Other NPCs

Royal Family
Akodo V: This man didn’t even think about our proposal, which doesn’t really bother her, what bothers her is almost had a heart attack while poring his tea, all for something he didn’t care to consider. The only reason she likes him is he is maintaining the peace between the Crane and Lion Clans.
Akodo Kasumi: Met her during a luncheon with Okita, this woman is beautiful and terrifying, it seems crazy that one day Okita will be the same way. She feels terrible knowing someone is plotting against this beautiful caged bird.
Akodo Kyoichi: The man betrothed to Okita, she has heard nothing but pleasantries about him, but her heart sinks with the thought that he will not live long.
Akodo Shou: Kazue knows why he swoons the hearts of so many court ladies, in his bright armor and brighter smile, she doesn’t trust him.
Akodo Takeshi: This man reminds her a lot of the emperor, his dower face and serious aura, she is sure he wouldn’t oppose a little war.
Akodo Hiroshi: She knows little of the little one, but she thinks he might be a bit jealous of being constantly outshone by his brothers. She sees Emi in this little man.

Miya Yurikago: She finds this old man fascinating, and loves listening to his stories, now that she is done with her promised sculptures she plans to see out this man to gather more stories.
Otomo Rei: She first met this woman while the was being sculpted by Munemitsu, she has had little interaction with her, but she is sure that she has a quick whit and hopes to be friends with her one day.
Seppun Kioko: This woman lacks the tack required for court and Kazue understands why the empress keeps her former yojimbo around. This city is full of lies. People you can trust are few and far between.

Doji Baikoto: This poor man is so lonely Kazue felt obligated to make him something nice to look on during his worst days to remind him that he was still a crane. He kind of creeps her out though, so she will not be visiting often, or at all really.
Doji Ginko: This woman greeted her at the Crane guest house and Kazue thinks of her as friendly, and is a little jealous that this woman gets to apprentice under a man as great as Doji Arimoto. She would still like to befriend her, but Kazue know she has little time to socialize.
Doji Aritomo: This man knew what she was like before she even spoke to him, and she finds that a little unnerving, but she thinks it would be best to listen to his advise, after all he knows more about this place than she does. He has proved to be a great help anytime Kazue needed him to be. Kazue now knows that he would do anything to protect the clan, and achieve his goals.
Asahina Kiichi: She grew up reading this man’s plays and already idolized him, when she got a chance to meet him he didn’t disappoint, she wishes this man had been her grandfather.
Doji Hoitsu: A pampas and arrogant man, he is so sure of his grandeur he misses when people pass notes behind his back. He is a man that she doesn’t mind not seeing.
Kakita Omitsu: She came out briefly during the first night when Kazue and Kiichi were done preforming. Omitsu seemed distant but when she danced Kazue knew that she must be that way because she is always thinking of the way the wind and water move.
Daidoji Chuichi: The man Arimoto said she is betrothed to, she has heard little of him, other than his father was responsible for the death of a relative of the Matsu daimyo, the marriage would be a step up, but she has little love for being a pawn. She assumed he had little interest in women whne he payed a little too much attention to Bayushi Tomodachi, he wasn;t a bad person and didnt deserve the kind of death he had.
Doji Kozuo: This man like the taste of blood too much. She fears for her clan knowing this man in their champion.
Daidoji Kaku: He seemed like a nice man, he told her a story of the battle that killed the Matsu’s cousin. He was beheaded by the monster that led the raid.
Kakita Saito: She only knows of his through rumor, but he is known to never lose a duel and to never let his opponent live. She wonders if this is by his own choice or orders. He seemed cold and cruel when he beat Moto Temur in the duel, watching him slowly die as he screamed. She thinks he may be a bit evil. He attempted to rape and possibly murder her, definitely a lot evil.

Isawa Ton: She has hear rumors about this man being a warmonger, and if that is true he hides it well behind the jovial face he puts on in public. He seems to have the favor of Akomo Shou.

Bayushi Toshio: This man has too much influence over the emperor and the women he encounters.

Kitsu Takeneo: A very serious man, he seems a bit out of place in the Imperial City, Kazue wonders what he wanted to talk to the scorpion alone about. maybe he noticed the way his daughter looked at him?
Kitsu Takeko: She is a pretty little thing who had an immediate attraction to Bayushi Tomodachi, Kazue wonders if anyone else noticed the way she kept stealing glances at him.
Ikoma Shichirobei: This man plays a fool so he can say things that would otherwise be grievous insults. When he find someone he wants to destroy he used their pride against them. He is quite dangerous.
Matsu Shojiro: This is the man that was told to have raped Okita’s old friend. Kazue will never be alone with him, or near him if she has her way. This man led the massacre of the Crane she was picnicking with, he killed them all, including her ‘brother’ Keizo. He saved her from Saito, but if he had not killed Keizo she would not have needed saving. She thinks he is perhaps not as mad a lion as she thought.
Matsu Noriko: This is the woman who ordered the mad lion to murder the crane party she was a part of, she proudly claimed the order, and Kazue thinks this woman is a completely consumed by her hatred for the crane. She is an incredibly dangerous person. Kazue is beginning to think all Matsu live only to spill blood.

Kaiu Takakana: This man scares her. But she is sure that hes not only a scary loud man. Though it fits the crab ideal pretty well…
Hida Kurotsu: Short and to the point this man is not one to make an enemy of, she only helped him because the rest of her group agreed, but she is glad to have gotten to The Forbidden City so easily because of it.

Togashi Denbe: This man visited her studio quoting Shinsei and brandishing a needle. He is odd, but Kazue can’t help but trust him. Something about his demeanor. He gave Ryoske a tattoo of the yin-yang and told her the story of a man with two dragons within him.
Mirumoto Sosuke: Seka’s sensei in the ways of swords, Seka says this woman hits as hard as any man, but Kazue isn’t sure since Seka has nothing to compare this woman’s blows to. She hopes this woman teaches Seka well.
Mirumoto Shimura:He seems very stern, but appears to be a strong warrior and an honorable man.
Kitsuki Kogoro: This man is worse with a box than even Kazue, but he seems to be quite perceptive, he puts her at unease.

Moshi Tenpi: Kazue went to this woman for advice about a horrible vision she had, she got half answers and little help. What she did hear from her was that Kazue would be engaged 3 times but never married and never for love. She also said Okita wouldn’t marry the man she wanted to, but would still marry an heir. She knows Okita hates this woman. She isn’t sure how much stock can be put in this woman’s prophecy but she will try do deny fate.

Moto Temur: This is the man that was spreading rumors along with Taisho anout the Crane Clan Champion’s daughter. He payed dearly for his actions when he was challenged to an Emperor approved duel against Kakita Saito. He died a slow painful, but honorable, death his cries haunt Kazues dreams.
Ide Iesu: She isn’t sure he fits in with the courtly scene or Rokugan, he seems to lack a bit of tact, but she has realized that he is a grand story teller, and this is a thing they have in common. Since he is closely associated with Nobunaga she gives him a wide birth even though she would love to see what stories he has to tell.
Ide Yorin: This man was deeply insulted by the little unicorn story and in his rage challenged the story teller to a duel.

Usagi Ikaida: The emerald champion rode elegantly in the parade, she can’t quite put her finger on anything memorable about this man.
Ikoma Kaii: She has heard this man pulls the strings in the city, other than that she knows little about him.

Mineko: She only cause a glimpse of this green eyed beauty from the street, but she thought it was the empress till she heard the rumors about the emperor’s concubine. How insulting it must be to the wife to have this woman taking her place.
Ten Eunuchs: Little spies, they need to be watched and avoided. Unfortunately this is hard to do because they’re always around Ryosuke. They have recently sent more people to spy on her, even when Ryosuke isn’t around.
Tae: This is the gardener the eunuchs sent to watch her studio. He seems friendly enough, she is saddened that he is a spy, but invites him to tea with her when she has no other company and he has nothing better to do. She guards her words around him.

Places Kazue has Been

Current Location(bold)
Yasumi:Lion Lands: This is the little village that the she has decided with the rest of her party to hunker down in until she gives birth to her and Ryosuke’s child. She has currently been working together with the others in her party to fend of bandits and they have succeeded, and may have given too much aid to this little place.
Otosan Uchi:Imperial Lands: This is the most beautiful place she has ever been and she is constantly inspired by it. She has noticed a lot of impossible loves developing in this city though, and fears it may be a much more sinister place than she realized. He fears were confirmed when the Matsu killed the Crane party in the Imperial forest. Almost taking down her sisters along with her yojimbo. She thinks this city is a shell created to hide the vile corruption eating away at the residents’ souls. If only this were not where Okita and Ryosuke, and now her sister resided, she would leave this place and never look back. She left anyway, after finding out she was pregnant.
Mura Sabishii Toshi: Crane Lands: An isolated little shore town, she was enjoying her time here sculpting, until it was learned that the governor here was paring off the Mantis to keep her group here longer than necessary.
Clear Water Village: Crab Lands: This place made little impression on her, and she was not sad to leave it behind.
Kyuden Hida: Crab Lands: Smelly and Dark, this is not a place she wanted to return to. That is part of the reason she decided to stay in Otosan Uchi instead of returning to this place to return the bad news.
Asahina Family Home: Crane Lands: She misses her beautiful garden and her interesting family.

Kazue’s Creations

Lonely Crane, Imperial Aid, Practice Boken, Strong Phoenix, Sister’s Gift, Secret Affection
Night Muse, Blissful Beauty

Asahina Kazue

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