Asahina Emi


Born: 1255
Known Advantages: Bland
Known Disadvantages: Jealousy (Asahina Kazue)

Asahina Kotowa

Asahina Kinuko

Asahina Kochiyo Deceased
Asahina Kazue
Asahina Seka

The little sister of Asahina Kazue, she just passed her gempukku this spring. Emi has often been overlooked in her family because she lacks the beauty and the talents of her sisters. As children her a Kazue used to fight over the attention of their older sister, Asahina Kochiyo with Kazue always winning.


Spring, 1271:
She along with her sister Asahina Seka joined their older sister, Asahina Kazue, in Otosan Uchi. She is distant towards Kazue, and Seka often has to act as a bridge between them. She believes she is competing with Kazue over the attention of Bayushi Tomodachi.

She continued her flirting with Tomodachi and began to think that it was becoming something serious as Tomodachi was leading her on. One night she followed her sister, Kazue, into the Imperial Mound where she saw her meet Otomo Ryosuke. Emi responded by writing a letter to the Emperor, thinking that he would only punish and shame her sister. Fortunately for Kazue the letter was intercepted by Seppun Katai and brought to her attention.

Kazue confronted Emi and told her that the contents of that letter would get her killed, she then threatened to ruin her relationship with Tomodachi. Emi did not want to kill her sister, but now she was being challenged and so threatened to write the Emperor another letter. The next morning Kazue told Doji Aritomo about the letter, but not its contents, Aritomo decided to have Emi return to Asahina lands and to later perform jigai, the woman’s form of ritual suicide, for betraying her Clan.

Summer, 1271:
She never made it to Crane Lands, having instead been captured by the Koushoku Sanzoku, who inadvertently saved her from performing jigai. There she was forced to marry Ono, the second in command of the bandits. When her sister, Kazue, was captured with her group, Emi was pregnant with Ono’s child. After Ken no Yabun Sora’s death the Yellow Bandit camp turned into a frenzy as Bisento and Ono fought over what remained.

Ono was killed by the joint efforts of Content Not Found: ide-saru_ and _Content Not Found: togashi-fukuhan.

She died in one of the burning huts when Ide Saru failed to save her.

Asahina Emi

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