Akodo V

The Emperor of the Emerald Empire


The Righteous Emperor Akodo, Fifth of his name, favorite son of the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, and lord of the Emerald Empire, Rokugan. He is a warrior-emperor, who is both beloved and feared.

Age: 47
Title: Emperor
Known Allies: Rokugan
Known Enemies: Yobanjin

Akodo IV (Deceased)

Akodo Kasumi

Akodo Kyoichi
Akodo Takeshi
Akodo Shou
Akodo Hiroshi

Akodo Fumitaka
Kage Reina
Bayushi Reika (Deceased)

Isawa Chiharu (Deceased)
Kage Hisanobu
Bayushi Seihachi

Bayushi Toshio
Kage Rina
Kage Saori
Kage Tsuya
Kage Omezo


Otomo Kenta
Otomo Masami
Otomo Haruko
Otomo Daichi
Otomo Aiko
Otomo Ayaka
Otomo Ayako
Otomo Ryosuke
Otomo Rei
Otomo Taichi
Otomo Yua
Otomo Mugita
Otomo Terada
Otomo Hotaru
Otomo Kichiro

Born: 1224
Known Advantages: Heart of Vengeance (Yobanjin)
Known Disadvantages: Bitter Betrothal, Brash, Lechery


The Emperor Akodo V has reigned for twenty-one years. During this time the Empire has experienced two wars against the Yobanjin with varying success. The Clans, however, have been forced to accept peace under the Akodo Dynasty and Rokugan is experiencing a population and economic boom unlike ever before.

Born Akodo Kishin, the current Emperor did not have a normal childhood for one of his station. Instead of growing up in the Forbidden City as is expected he grew up in war camps in the Burning Sands during his father’s invasion. There he developed his taste for battle as well as his friendship to Kage Hisanobu, the son of the Kage Daimyo, and Bayushi Seihachi, the son of the Scorpion Champion.

Early Reign and Third Yobanjin War:
In 1250 Akodo IV stepped down so that he could contemplate the Tao. Kishin was crowned Akodo V and his first act as Emperor was to declare war upon the Yobanjin. In what is now known as the Third Yobanjin War the Emperor declared himself, Kage Hisanobu, and Bayushi Seihachi as the three generals who would lead the Rokugani forces. It was an unconventional move, as none of the three had ever led an army before and none were above the age of 30. He called for forces among all the Great Clans and ambitious men such as Moto Qorin, the newly appointed Moto Daimyo, quickly joined. The Third Yobanjin War was a huge success as Rokugan expanded its borders further than it had ever been. Akodo V, Kage Hisanobu, Bayushi Seihachi and others such as Daidoji Shigeo became heroes as they brought victory after victory. The war came to an end when news arrived that Akodo IV was nearing death, the Emperor returned to be with his father during his dieing days. Akodo V has since said that this was his gravest mistake as he should have finished the Yobanjin once and for all.

Perhaps the most important event of the war, however, was the discovery of the Kolat’s Hidden Temple in the far reaches of the Phoenix mountains. The Kolat, a secret organization, whose purpose was the supplant the Imperial line, was now exposed. The Emperor’s next order of business was to clear out the Kolat. The Ox Clan, who were compliant with the Kolat, were assaulted by the Lion and killed to the last man. The Shinjo, rulers of the Unicorn Clan were also found to be heavily infiltrated. The Emperor was about to lay down his judgment upon him when the Phoenix, and the Emperor’s new bride, Akodo Kasumi, called for mercy. The Emperor decided that the Shinjo would be dismantled, the main line banished to the Burning Sands, those who were proven members of the Kolat were executed, the rest could either commit sepukku, follow their lords to the Burning Sands, be made ronin, or swear fealty to another family. The Moto were made the new Daimyo of the Unicorn.

Later Reign and Fourth Yobanjin War:
Nine years after the conclusion of the Third Yobanjin War, the Rokugani outposts in the Burning Sands were completely lost in a Yobanjin surge. The Emperor immediately called for retribution and demanded an army. He set himself and Kage Hisanobu as the armies generals and made Bayushi Seihachi his regent while he was away. This time his call met little support as the Clans tired of warring with the Yobanjin which brought only useless land and little wealth. The Crab under their new Champion, Hida Kurotsu, sent only a token force as he said there was greater need on the Wall. The Emperor was outraged but decided he would carry out his war. The Fourth Yobanjin War was a disaster and the Rokugani forces suffered massive casualties both by skirmishes with Yobanjin and the plague. The Emperor himself almost lost his entire unit if not for Matsu Shojiro’s maneuvering. Even worse the war was costly and the Imperial treasury was quickly depleting. The Emperor returned to the Emerald Empire, defeated. He now says that had he had Bayushi Seihachi by his side and had the Clans been more supportive the result would have been different.

Since this time the Emperor has concentrated his efforts on domestic affairs. He has bolstered the Imperial treasury and has built programs to support the Great Clans. He has forced the Clans to uphold the Emperor’s Peace, which has only been challenged once when Moto Qorin, now Unicorn Champion, attempted to wage war with the Lion over territory disputes. The Emperor took Qorin’s first born son as hostage to ensure that such an offense is not given again.


It is well known that Akodo V, tired of politics and peace, wishes to launch a third and final war with the Yobanjin and redeem his earlier defeat. The Phoenix are hostile to the idea and the Emperor tires of their call for peace with the Yobanjin. He has already banished his once friend, Isawa Okitsugu, Master of the Void, from the Forbidden City for his protests. It is also well known that he has become increasingly alienated from the Empress, instead spending his time and resources on Mineko, his favorite concubine.

Spring, 1271:
The group met with him upon Hida Kurotsu’s request to ask for an Imperial legion to be stationed on the Wall. The Emperor denied the request and there appeared to be bad blood between Akodo V and Hida Kurotsu.

Akodo V rode in the Royal Parade alongside his wife, Akodo Kasumi, the two appeared to have exchanged harsh words during the procession.

The Emperor met with Doji Kozuo, the Crane Champion, and the Imperial Court. Kozuo demanded to duel Bayushi Toshio and Moto Temur for their slander against his daughter, Doji Shiori. The Emperor refused to let him duel Toshio, his nephew, but was forced to consent to let him duel Moto Temur. Doji Kozuo then named Kakita Saito, Kakita Daimyo, as his champion.

After the Matsu attacked the Crane party in the Imperial Woods both members of the Lion and Crane were brought before him to tell what had happened. The Emperor was furious that such a thing took place but followed his advisors’ insight when he chose to not punish the Matsu and instead call the blood feud between Matsu Noriko and the Daidoji officially over.

Akodo V was noticeably absent during Kakita Saito’s duel with Moto Temur, instead having his brother, Akodo Fumitaka, oversee the event.

Summer, 1271:

He attended the Imperial Court as was requested by Miya Utamura. Utamura informed the court that while sneaking into the Seppun Gardens to view the legendary Onnotangu’s Bloom, a mythical flower said to only bloom under the Full Moon, he witnessed the Empress Akodo Kasumi meeting her lover Kakita Meiji.

The Emperor was outraged and demanded explanations from his wife, Utamura, and Meiji. The Empress denied all claims, saying that she has never even met the Kakita. Utamura said he spoke only the truth, and would give his own life to prove it, the Emperor agreed the allow the Miya heir seppuku for his words.

He asked the court for more testimony and Ikoma Kaii offered that he has seen Kakita Meiji sneaking about the Seppun Palace at night. The Emperor called forth Kakita Meiji who denied the accusations but refused to say why he was sneaking about the Palace. The Emperor was not pleased, he ordered that Kakita Meiji was to be executed, his immediate family to commit seppuku for their part in his shame, his extended family would lose all lands and titles, his name was to be stricken from all records, and any who spoke of him again was to share his fate. With that the Emperor called for court to end, he would decide what to do with his wife later.

He commanded his wife and Empress Akodo Kasumi to commit jigai to cleanse her shame. Two weeks later Akodo V announced his betrothal to his favored concubine, Mineko. He also announced the arranged marriage of his second son, Akodo Takeshi to Kage Rina and to everyone’s surprise he announced that his first son and heir, Akodo Kyoichi would marry Matsu Nene and not Isawa Okita. The Phoenix were outraged and left Otosan Uchi in protest. Some have seen this as a way to appease the Matsu Family who were forbidden from warring with the Crane.

Akodo V

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