Akodo Shou

The Silver Prince


The Emperor’s third son. Akodo Shou is referred to as the Shippou Koushaku “Silver Prince” because of his brilliant silver armor and good looks. Trained by the Shiba he is obviously his mother’s favorite, and his father’s least. He is popular amongst the noble women of court.

Akodo V

Akodo Kasumi (Deceased)

Akodo Kyoichi
Akodo Takeshi
Akodo Hiroshi

Akodo Fumitaka
Kage Reina
Bayushi Reika (Deceased)
Isawa Chiharu (Deceased)
Kage Hisanobu
Bayushi Seihachi

Bayushi Toshio
Kage Rina
Kage Saori
Kage Tsuya
Kage Omezo

Born: 1250
Known Advantages: Dangerous Beauty
Known Disadvantages: Overconfident


Spring, 1271:

He rode in the Royal Parade alongside Isawa Ton and the two seemed to be in a joking manner. He wore his signature silver armor and his smile made many of the woman viewers swoon.

He watched the duel between Kakita Saito and Moto Temur with his cousin, Bayushi Toshio, Isawa Ton, and Yoritomo Komachi. Komachi was seen brushing her hand against Shou’s side in a seductive manner.

Summer, 1271:
After the death of his mother, Shou’s relationship with his father has never been worse.

He attempted to join the Phoenix contingent when they left the Imperial City, killing three Seppun guardsmen who blocked his path. He was sent back to Otosan Uchi when Isawa Okitsugu assured him that the Phoenix did not wish rebellion against his father. He was asked to take Asahina Kazue back with him to the Imperial City.

Akodo Shou

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