Akodo Kyoichi

The Imperial Heir


The Emperor’s eldest son, and heir to the Throne. Kyoichi is a pleasant man who is respectful to all, many look forward to his reign as one of peace. He is a talented musician and is well known to invite others with similar talents to court. Its all but official that he will someday marry Isawa Okita.

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Born: 1246
Known Advantages: Bland
Known Disadvantages: Fascination (Music)


Spring, 1271:

He rode in the Royal Parade alongside Doji Aritomo, he wore splendid armor of gold lined with emerald.

Summer, 1271:
It was announced to everyone’s surprise that Kyoichi is to marry Matsu Nene, daughter of Matsu Noriko, instead of Isawa Okita as was promised to the Phoenix. This marriage has broken the tradition of Akodo Emperors taking Ishiken brides.

Akodo Kyoichi

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