Akodo Kasumi

The Phoenix Empress


The Empress of Rokugan. Kasumi is a proud, noble woman, bred to be Empress. At forty she is still considered a beauty and often sets the year’s fashion at court. She has born the Emperor four healthy sons and has been a dutiful wife, but it is rumored that the two have grown apart, particularly with the emergence of Mineko, the Emperor’s new concubine.

Akodo V

Akodo Kyoichi
Akodo Takeshi
Akodo Shou
Akodo Hiroshi

Akodo Fumitaka
Isawa Chiharu (Deceased)
Kage Reina
Bayushi Reika (Deceased)
Kage Hisanobu
Bayushi Seihachi

Isawa Okitsugu
Isawa Razan

2nd Cousins:
Isawa Okita

Born: 1231
Died: 1271
Known Advantages: Benten’s Blessing, Imperial Spouse, Ishiken-Do
Known Disadvantages: Bitter Betrothal


Spring, 1271:
In the tunnels beneath the Imperial Palace Asahina Kazue and Otomo Ryosuke discovered a plot to kill the Empress by two unknown men.

Kazue learned that she is the idol of Isawa Okita when they had lunch with her.

She rode in the Royal Parade alongside her husband, the Emperor Akodo V. The two seemed to exchange harsh words.

Summer, 1271:
She was accused by Miya Utamura of having an affair with Kakita Meiji. She denied what she called “obvious lies”, and claims to have never even met Meiji before. Utamura offered his own life as testimony, so sure was he in what he saw. She was unable to explain why Utamura would lie, and Ikoma Kaii gave testimony that he saw Meiji sneaking about the Seppun Palace. Kakita Meiji was sentenced to be tortured and executed, and under torture he also testified of his affair with the Empress.

She committed jigai to cleanse her shame. Publicly she was forgiven by the Emperor for her treason, and the Phoenix still remember her fondly.

Akodo Kasumi

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