Akodo Hiroshi

The Forgotten Cub


The Emperor’s youngest legitimate son, who has just passed his gempukku. Hiroshi has often been overlooked both because of his birth order and because of his odd appearance. He looks to his uncle, Akodo Fumitaka, as a father figure and is dedicated to the tenets of Bushido.

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Born: 1255
Known Advantages: Paragon (Honor)
Known Disadvantages: Benten’s Curse


Spring, 1271:

He rode in the Royal Parade alongside Yogo Sadaku, but was hardly noticeable behind his elder brother, Akodo Shou.

He aided his uncle, Akodo Fumitaka, in overseeing the duel between Kakita Saito and Moto Temur.

Summer, 1271:

He questioned Bayushi Tomodachi on his involvement with Miya Utamura, who discovered his mother’s supposed affair with Kakita Meiji. Hiroshi said that he knew that the allegations where untrue, but could not say how he knew. When Tomodachi inquired among the other Scorpion he discovered that it was Hiroshi who was Kakita Meiji’s secret lover, so he knew that the allegations were untrue. Tomodachi needed a scape goat as to who deceived Utamura, he found a suitable one in Ide Yorin.

Akodo Hiroshi

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